March 30, 2011

Gimme U N I F O R M ! Go Tigers ;)

Check our super duper looking hot cheer uniform :D haaa. We're excited and ... Tadaa~ Haha.
Our supermodels who really excited about the uniform. Muahaha. 
And again.. with our gorgeous captain. Muahaha. 
Our petite's cheerleaders :) Ain't they cute.
Echa, Atiqah, Syahirah, Zulaikha
Our Secretary, Vivacious Capten and Super-looking hot Co-captain :)
Sarah, Yasmin and Kathleen
Hey, i menyibuk ? Haha. No! I'm backspot :)
Thanks to our photographer, Rezkina Emilia :) xx

March 18, 2011

steps for u to practice girls~

from 1:35 until 1:50
that's your steps for starstruck~
goodluck! <3