May 23, 2011

Training time ! ;P

Tigers for roaring out loud. :)
Wow. Yasmin's became a flyer ! :O
Again -.- Yasmin, berat lah. Turun turun. Haha
After 'cradle'. :P

Single base. Phewitt :D Go Yasmin. Sarah bb :B
This is actually single base. Tapi Sarah and Rezkina busybody. Haha. I backspot eh :)
One of stunt group :) Ohmigod! Echa tengah jadi base! :O pergh. kuat. Echa ROCK ! :D
Ohh Captain, what a mess :P Hehe.  
I tau lah I tak boleh buat side split Sarah :'( Split biasa boleh lah. Yasmin, little bit more to go for spike ! 
Relaxing time :)
Wow. Yasmin buat single base without any help :P
Zulaikha buat liberty. Chaos! :D hee.
Weh orang tengah buat strength work! -.- camwhore :P 
More strength work !
Yasmin jadi BACKSPOT ! and doing extension ! :O /shock/
Liberty Heel Stretch. Yay Echa !  
From your most dedicated Prez! Lol. :P
-Nina Alisya- 

May 09, 2011

SOX wildcard voting is open from 9th May - 15th May

SOXWC<space>DANCE06 send to 33396

tolong vote and sebarkan!! ♥

May 01, 2011


Hey there! :) On 30th April, 1 of our stunt group went for camp in Puchong. 5 people in the group

Smexayy! :P haha. I'm sure they had fun. :) good job girls. 

P/s: I'm hereby saying that i am jealous of your shorts. :P Hahaha. LOL.