August 23, 2011

ehh my captain is turning 17 :')

i love you when you did this face ..

this face ...

definitely THAT ...

this one too ...

and ESPECIALLY this one when you're really excited ...

and i don't like this one /frenchslang/ smile baby! SMILE :)

atototo. Sho cuteee :3

Just wanna give a shout about it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Yasmin Suffian. You'll always be my best girlfriend :') Haha. Somebody is get'in old yaw.

Korang dah wish captain ke ? :p haha.

August 11, 2011

After raya training start as usual darlings :) Better come ah. If not Miss Li will skin you all alive. Hehe
We're recruiting new people. Do come on Friday for girls and Saturdays for boys and girls. Coach will attend on Saturday training :) We don't eat people. Come and join us. Hope to see you soon.
Tigers! I'm gonna miss you girls :) 
Lawa pyramid ;)

Rugi tak capture gambar twist.

Our first performances at Silkygirl National Cheer 2011 :)

Its our first time. So its messy. :) 

I'm so proud of you guys :) Less mistakes than in practices we did. But you girls did the best! Good job.