February 16, 2011

SoMe TiPs On SpLitS ~

Lets Hear It!

  • Try to go down in your splits and hold for 30 to 60 sec then push yourself a little further down each time. Do this with all three splits then in some times you will have your splits! (practice this everyday)
  • Don't expect to get the splits in one month, even if you stretch 3 times a day. while you watch tv or doing homework, sit in a straddle and lean forward and keep stretching in the position. After u master your middle splits, your side splits will be easier!
  • sit on your bum and bring your feet together so that the soles of your feet are touching, and gently bring them closer to your body, as you get better. This increases your turnout. 
  •  Lie on the floor with your bum against a hard surface (a wall is the best for this) and stretch your legs out along the wall, then let them hang. You will feel a pull on the inside of your thigh, but this is normal and shows that it is stretching your body. Do these two things every day for at least two minutes.
  • STRETCHES MAKES PERFECT! here some stretches that you should do at least twice a day (morning and night); put one of your legs in front of you, and your back leg behind you, make sure your hips are square, you should start with your back leg bent and your front leg straight, then lean forward as far as you can hold for at least 20 seconds, though count slow. now stand up and shake it off, then get back in the position you were in just sit on your back leg, and keep your front leg straight now lean forward as far as you can and hold for at least 20 seconds, remember make sure your hips are squared now come out of it and fall into your splits and hold for 20 sec.
  • Don't push to hard on your muscle, you might get injured
  •  warm up first before you do these tips

P/S: Hope these tips really useful for the tigers and GOOD LUCK!